Tree Stumps

This year the Twin Cities has experienced a lot of tree damage due to high winds & storms. With all this tree damage, we get many requests to plant new trees once the old & damaged trees have been removed & stumps ground.

A frequently asked question by our customers is “can we plant a new tree in the exact same spot as the old tree?” The short answer is no. Even though the stump was ground,depending on the size and type of tree that was there, there may be SIGNIFICANT root structure still there. We have encountered that recently at a few jobs & I have taken the time to take some photos to share with you.





Basically the equipment used to grind stumps has the capability of grinding down below grade approximately 1 foot or less, leaving much of the root & stump still there. If the diameter of the tree was 8 inches or less, we can typically use our machine as shown to remove everything that remains & replant in the same spot. This is a rather time consuming task. Cost for providing that service can be several hundred dollars. Trees with larger diameters are not removable & have to be worked around to get as close as possible. We use an auger to dig holes. It will take out smaller roots, but not stumps or larger root.