Fall Color

It is early October. We are in the peak of fall color from the Maples. The Autumn Blaze Maple is turning bright red. The Sugar Maples are just changing to a beautiful orange.

The last part of the summer has been very dry & stressed out a lot of shade trees. When the leaves on shade trees turn yellow, curl up & fall off, that is a sign the tree needs water. The first response of a shade tree to a dry conditionĀ is to drop leaves. The tree looses its moisture through the leaves, so by dropping them it is going into dormancy or survival mode.

I am happy to see the recent rainfall. Even though it can be difficult to access our fields or do plantings, the trees very much needed the moisture. The moisture will help the evergreens & shade trees survive the upcoming winter.

This time of year I frequently get asked “How late can you plant trees.” Basically we are usally always planting right up to the end of November. Once the nights get cold enough to forming a crust on the surface of the ground we are done for the season.

Hopefully the beautiful colors around will get you motivated to add some fall color to your landscape. Arbor Hill Tree Farm can help you with that. We still have a great selection of shade trees as well as evergreens. This time of year you are able to pick from thousands of trees growing in our fields.