Watering Trees

Thank You for your tree purchase. Arbor Hill Tree Farm has spent years growing , caring  for & preparing the trees you purchased. We want to ensure your trees not only survive the transplant process, they also thrive in your landscape, providing years of beauty.

The first 2 years after transplanting a tree are the most critical time. What you are trying to do is compensate for the root structure that was cut off during the transplant process.

During the planting process, we water trees thoroughly to help settle soil around rootballs. Every site has a different soil type, so the amount of water & frequency of watering can vary slightly.When the planting process is complete, I give specific details on watering depending on soil conditions. Please follow these, but below is a general guideline.

Within 3-5 days after trees are planted, water weekly with garden hose on lite tricke for 10-15 minutes, which amounts to 10-15 gallons of water per tree. the key is to saturate  the rootball.Larger trees need a little more.

Roots form & grow where the moisture is, so by deeply soaking the rootball, roots will form deeper,producing a better, deep rooted tree.Do not rely on rainfall or irrigation systems to water trees. That moisture helps, but will not provide enough water for the rootball that may be 2-3ft deep.

Watering should continue weekly through the summer months. Once fall arrives, watering frequency can be reduced to every other week. Watering a tree is similar to the human body. When the tree is actively growing and the temperatures are hot, the tree uses up more water. As temperatures cool down & trees start to go into dormancy, they use much less water.Evergreen trees take in moisture all winter, so please make sure you continue to water into November if weather permits.

Shade trees show signs when they get dry. When a shade tree does not have enough water, the first survival response is to shed leaves. Leaves will start to turn yellow & shed.Watch for this & adjust watering accordingly.

Again the first 2 years after a transplant is  the most critical time for caring for your new trees. We want your new trees to survive, so a little effort on your part goes a long way to make the process successful. If you have any questions on watering, please contact me & I am very happy to help clarify anything.