Winter Survival

It is Mid January in Minnesota and the wind is howling outside. Night temperatures lately have been going far below zero degrees. This Grossbeak is enjoying some fruit from a Prairefire Crabtree. Birds that stay in Minnesota all winter need some food to survive the long cold winter. This photo was sent to me by one of my customers way up in Northern Minnesota, North of Cohassett, Mn.

Birds use the fruit of trees for food. They also use evergreen trees for shelter from the cold & wind, as well as nesting places in the Spring.When planning your next landscape project, add some trees to help out the birds in your neighborhood survive the winter.

Arbor Hill Tree Farm has a variety of evergreen & shade trees available to add beauty to your landscape as well as providing habitat & food for birds & wildlife.

Check out our regularly updated website. The site has many pages detailing the kinds of trees we sell, along with pictures of each & characteristics of each tree. We sell many sizes of trees, so what size of tree you purchase will determine the planting method we use. The Installation Methods Page describes the different methods we use, along with photos.

We currently have some tree specials available for ordering now for Spring Delivery. Check out our Tree Savings at We encourage placing orders now to take advantage of our tree savings & get on our installation schedule for an early planting date. Trees can be ordered now and when weather permits you may walk through our field & select trees if you wish. A 50% deposit is required to place an order. Please contact Jerry at 651-245-7978 for more info or to place an order. I can also be reached by email at