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Arbor Hill Tree Farm is a small family-owned and -operated tree farm in Cottage Grove, Mn. which is in the southeast suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota.
Our tree farm has 37 acres of trees in production. We grow several varieties of evergreens and shade trees that are native or hearty in the Upper Midwest. Many of our most popular trees can be viewed on our tree photo gallery page on our web site.

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The trees we sell are potted, burlapped or larger trees that we use a truck-mounted tree spade to move and transplant. Many of the methods we use to plant our trees in customer’s landscapes can be viewed and described on our installation methods page of our web site.

Our goal of this blog is to inform our customers and prospective customers about current topics and promotions at Arbor Hill Tree Farm. We will discuss seasonal issues relating to tree care, watering, fertilization, pruning, and pest control. We will also address many frequently asked questions. This time of year we get many inquiries about planting trees in the fall. Is it a good time? How late can we plant trees?

Fall is a great time to plant trees. Evergreen trees are done growing and and are basically dormant at this point. By getting trees in the ground when soil conditions are warm, they will start to form roots in the fall. As daily temperatures cool down, trees that have been transplanted are also less stressed.
The window of opportunity to plant trees in the fall is quite large. We are generally planting right up to Thanksgiving, but the sooner you get the trees in the ground, the more root growth they get and more established the trees get in the fall.

Let Arbor Hill Tree Farm get you motivated to improve your landscape. We are committed to helping you with your tree planting projects. We have over 25 years experience growing, selling and planting trees. We welcome you to visit our farm and discuss in detail your tree and landscape projects.

Arbor Hill Tree Farm has many fall tree specials. Please view our coupon page on our web site. Most of our trees we have for sale are newly dug from our fields. Customers can also walk through our fields and hand pick each tree and we can custom dig each tree.

We have seasonal hours. Weekends generally Saturday and Sunday 9:00- 3:00. Weekday and evening hours by appt. due to delivery and installation schedules. Calling ahead is recommended.

Jerry and Lisa Knutson
Proud Owners of Arbor Hill Tree Farm