Do I Remove Burlap, Basket When Planting Tree?

One of the most frequently asked questions when we are doing tree planting is do you leave the basket and burlap on? Yes, we leave both on. The basket and burlap is what holds the root structure for the tree together. In a very short time, roots start to grow through the burlap. Eventually, both will rot away, not affecting the tree’s root growth.

I have taken a picture of a burlapped tree that was burlapped only two weeks, and the new roots are already penetrating the burlap.

When you come out to Arbor Hill Tree Farm, you will probably meet our family dog. Lucy is about 6 months old and is a very social Golden Retriever.

As puppies go, we have some work to do to train her. She does not know how strong she is and she can almost knock me down at times with all her energy. We lost our other golden retriever Jesse, to a tragic accident this early spring. We were all crushed by her passing. If you are a dog person, you realize how dogs become a member of the family.

The photos are of Lucy resting in the grass. Also shown is another use of our bubbling rocks, they also work great for doggy drinking fountains.