MN Arbor Day

April has arrived in Minnesota.With the rather cool start to Spring the snow is melting  slowly this year. It can be frustrating as a tree farmer because we are anxious to get in the field and start our tree digging. On the other hand, the slower melting helps allow the water to be absorbed by the soil as opposed to just running off.

Friday April 26th is Arbor Day in Minnesota. This year the Mn Dept of Natural Resources is promoting “Plant Trees for a Brighter Minnesota” and has designated the month of May as Arbor Month. The theme is to encourage Minnesotans to replace trees lost during the past years’ tornados, floods,blowdowns & snowstorms. The newly planted trees will brighten Minnesota by improving the environment, creating jobs, enhancing our quality of life & providing opportunities for recreation.

The 2 pictures above are completed projects Arbor Hill Tree Farm planted last year. Both are great examples of what a little effort can do to improve your landscape and neighborhood, community & state.

For much more information about how Arbor Hill Tree Farm can assist you in your project, go to or web site at or give us a call to visit our farm at 651-459-5026.  Thanks, Jerry