Free Breakfast

I have been attempting to get a good photo to share with you for some time. On the north side of my home, I planted several Praire Fire Crab Trees. They have a great pinkish red flower in the spring. They flower right around mothers day weekend. The Spring color is great. The other great thing about the Praire Fire Crab is it gets & retains small apples, about one quarter to three eights of an inch. The apples are small enough  so they are not a mess to clean up. Since they stay on through the winter, they can be a “Free Breakfast” for birds.

Because of the amount of snow we have experienced this winter, the birds are needing to find sources of food that are not covered by the snow pack. These 3 Pheasants along with several more that are not in the picture have been enjoying many meals provided by these crab apples. I can stop by my window several times a day & watch the Pheasant eating. They are such a large, colorful bird. They almost appear too large to be in a tree.

This is just one example of the other people or creatures that benefit when planting a tree in your landscape.Even though you have gone to the expense of planting the tree, many others can enjoy the beauty, food & oxygen produced by that tree for years to come.

For more information on what trees Arbor Hill Tree Farm has available for planting in your yard, please go to our tree photo gallery at  . In addition to a photo of each tree, you can click on that tree & learn more about the trees characteristics.

Even though Spring is officially here tomorrow, the weather is unseasonally cold & snowy.But have faith, Spring will come and we may enjoy it more just because we had to wait a little longer. Below is just a reminder of what beauty Spring has in store for us. A flower from the Praire Fire Crab Tree. Enjoy, Jerry