Korean Dwarf Lilac Tree

The Korean Dwarf Lilac tree, shown here in Summer & Winter, is a great addition to your landscape. This is a tree form of a Lilac. It is produced at the nursery by grafting a branch onto a tree stem or standard. It has a very rounded shape, getting about 6 ft in diameter by 8 ft tall. To keep a nice shape, prune yearly after the flowers are done. The flowers are a typical purple color and extremely fragrant. Birds like making nests in this tree because it is very dense. Arbor Hill Tree Farm sells this tree potted or burlapped. Bailey nurseries has also produced a similar tree using a Miss Kim Lilac. That variety has a bright pink flower and is called Tinker Belle. As you can see by the picture on the right, the Ivory Silk Lilac Tree can be very attractive in the cold of winter when nature paints it white with frost. I have found this tree to be extremely hearty in Minnesota and very easy to grow.