Imprelis Damaged Trees

Imprelis is a chemical manufactured by DuPont. It was used by lawn maintenance companies for broadleaf weed control in lawns or turf.Unfortunately Imprelis has proven to be very toxic to trees, particularly evergreen trees.
Thousands of trees have been affected by the chemical. Many of the trees have either died or are damaged enough that they will also need to be replaced.
Arbor Hill Tree Farm has had many inquiries about replacement of trees damaged by Imprelis. We have a large inventory of many sizes and varieties of evergreens growing in our fields. Typically we burlapp evergreen trees from 4-12 feet tall. This size of tree can be planted using out ASV. This machine is approximately 5 feet wide, so we can get into an area that has limited access.The ASV is equipped with a smooth rubber track , so it is very turf friendly during the tree installation process.
Evergreen trees 13 feet & larger usually require a much larger root ball, so for that size tree we use a truck mounted tree spade. Due to the large size of this equipment, we are limited to where we can plant this size tree.
Both the methods of planting trees we use can viewed by going to our Installations Methods web page.
Please contact Jerry at Arbor Hill Tree Farm for specific information on your particular site.