Shade, Ornamental & Deciduous Trees of Minnesota

Arbor Hill Tree Farm is a Minnesota Tree Nursery that grows a variety of Shade Trees & Ornamental Trees that are hearty & thrive in Minnesota. Also known as deciduous trees, meaning they loose there leaves every fall.

Arbor Hill Tree Farm has shade trees available in several forms. Trees can be purchased bare root, potted, burlapped or larger sizes that are transplanted using a truck mounted Tree Spade.

Autumn Blaze Maple

Shade trees are typically trees that get large at maturity & provide protection from the sun for people and structures. Shade trees strategically placed in a landscape can help reduce summer energy consumption for cooling. They can also act as noise & visual screening, provide habitat for song birds, provide wind breaks & help reduce air pollution. Autumn Blaze Maple, Green Mountain Sugar Maple, Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple, Firefall Maple, Pin Oak, Swamp White Oak, River Birch, Whitespire Birch, Linden & Honey Locust are just some of the common Shade Trees we grow.

Korean Dwarf Lilac

Ornamental trees are typically smaller at mature size. Many have flowers in the Spring or Summer. Because of the mature size of ornamental trees, they can be placed closer to a structure or home or where a larger size tree is undesirable. Ornamental trees provide interest, beauty & fragrance in a landscape when they are flowering & can provide food & habitat for songbirds all year round.

Some ornamental tree we grow & sell are PraireFire Crab trees, Spring Snow Crab Trees, Ivory Silk Lilac & Korean Dwarf Lilac.

Please review our Tree Photo gallery for more information on the trees Arbor Hill Tree Farm grows & sells. Pricing of trees, planting options & costs can be found on our Price List Page or contact us by phone or email for further information.