A Note From Jerry

Probably one of the most important factors in determining a businesses success would be its reputation. A good reputation will affect a businesses longevity and its sales. A good reputation is built by providing good quality products and services consistantly to customers.

I am proud to say Arbor Hill Tree Farm has been in business since 1989. In that time our sales have grown from very little in the first years to 2012 being our best year ever, serving over 350 customers.

We attribute the success of Arbor Hill Tree Farm to a large degree on our customers satisfaction. One of the biggest compliments a business can get is a repeat customer or a referral from a customer. Repeat and referral customers every year help increase our sales. We put very much effort into making sure our customers are very happy with our products and services.

This testimonials page is where customers can share there experiences with Arbor Hill Tree Farm. We welcome your comments so please don't hesitate to e-mail them directly to me.

-- Jerry


"We had a 3"+ diameter Autumn Blaze Maple planted in a spot where we lost a large elm after a storm. It is in its 3rd year & looks spectacular. Excellent knowledge of trees & care. Installation was beyond expectations. We are coming back for an evergreen this year. Thx Arbor Hill!!! 5+ stars."

-- Rose

"My husband and I purchased 6 autumn blaze maples for our yard, and our experience with Arbor Hill Tree Farm was fabulous from beginning to end. Jerry drove about 30 miles to meet with me prior to our order, and he was very helpful in determining what trees made the most sense for us. The wait time was short, and the planting process was quick and professional.

Their ASV did not harm our grass, despite the wet conditions and the 20+ foot trees. It was great to have Jerry on site for the planting. He and his team chose healthy, beautiful trees for us and took the time to make sure that they were planted perfectly. The trees look wonderful, and we couldn't be happier. I would highly recommend Arbor Hill Tree Farm! They offer tree sizes and service that you won't find at a typical greenhouse/nursery. Thank you!"

-- Angela

"We purchased a beautiful crabapple tree from Arbor Hill in spring of 2010. The delivery and installation was spectacular - once the tree was in you couldn't even tell they had been there. Jerry also took the time to point out what all the other trees were in our yard. 3 years later the crab still looks gorgeous and we will be coming back for more trees."

-- Jen

"Over the past 8 years we've had Arbor Hills plant 3 maples, 1 river birch and 2 evergreen trees in our yard. We even had Jerry remove a section of lilacs that hat had overtaken our flower garden. We've also purchased our last 2 Christmas trees from them as well. Top notch on all occasions and I really value their service and knowledge. I even make it a point to stop by his booth at the home and garden shows. I think if we had more yard we would probably get more trees from them."

-- Jeff

"Thank you very much for helping us pick out just the right trees for our new yard. Everything turned out great and the week old sod wasn't even disturbed by your equipment. I will absolutely be sending more business your way. Thank you."

-- Rebecca

"Jerry and Lisa were very helpful both in offering information before they were selected for our project and for being so helpful during the selection process. The installation was painstaking - including protection for surrounding area and precision in the installation process. We had 7 trees planted and completely appreciated and enjoyed working with Arbor Hill Tree Farm."

-- Debi

"Arbor Hill has been informative and helpful. I rate them 5 stars."

-- Phil


"I drove out to the tree farm and had a great experience choosing 5 trees to be delivered and planted. The quality of the trees was great as well as the personal service and speedy planting. Great experience and the trees are flourishing. Thanks"

-- Tim


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